Checon Shivalik Contact Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

A Joint Venture between Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd. India and Checon Corporation, USA



Toplay Brazed Contact Assemblies

CSCS Toplay process is a continuous brazing operation where strips of contact material, braze tape and a base metal substrate are fed into a die where they are induction heated. The heating melts the braze tape forming a brazed connection between the precious metal and the base metal. The joining process is continuously monitored by a c-scanning unit. The combined strip is then stamped into desired components as per the customer’s designs.


Brief Comparison(Toplay v/s Tip Brazing)

  Toplay Tip Brazing
Minimum Braze Area 85% 75%
Normal Output 90%-100% 85%-90%
Bond Quality 100% Inspection and Control Sampling/Destructive
Braze Thickness 0.02-0.03 0.06-0.10

Toplay remains one of the most effective manufacturing methods for medium to high-power devices such as contactors and industrial controls and where parts are subjected to high mechanical loads, the Toplay process allows significant temper to be introduced into the assembly.

Care and attention paid to the tooling design allows efficient material utilization and improved thermal characteristics which can lead to precious metal savings when compared to individually brazed assemblies.